About Us - Organization


Beechwood OMNIA Ltd. (formerly Old Mutual (Bermuda)) was formed in May 2000 in Bermuda as a long-term insurer, which authorizes it to, among other things, issue international investment plans to non-Bermuda residents. Through a select group of leading financial institutions and advisors, Beechwood OMNIA's investment plans allows its customers to select from a wide range of investment choices (including multiple mutual funds and fund families across a variety of international asset allocation portfolios, equity, bond, money market and fixed rate accounts), giving exposure to international economies and confidentiality through participation in a secure Bermuda trust structure. Beechwood OMNIA brings these innovative investment plans to clients in over 100 countries.

Through a Private Act of Parliament, Beechwood OMNIA plans have been designated as event linked financial instruments, which are not contracts of insurance. Beechwood OMNIA is also authorized to establish and maintain segregated accounts.

These segregated accounts effectively insulate the assets and liabilities of each client's account from liabilities arising not only in other segregated accounts, but also in the general account, thereby protecting them from the general creditors of Beechwood OMNIA.

This private act is the cornerstone on which Beechwood OMNIA's investment plans are built.